By C.L. Schilling, Social-Justice

Becoming“Inclusive Evangelicals” for LGBTQ Equality

About ten years ago I found myself sitting in the chapel at Geneva College, a small, conservative Presbyterian college in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. The speaker during the chapel service was a man from Harvest Christian Fellowship, a non-profit organization which claims to “help individuals struggling with homosexuality.” During the sermon, the speaker discussed how he struggled with “homosexual thoughts” since…

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By C.L. Schilling, Faith Communities

Providing Purpose & Meaning For Older Congregants Through Volunteerism

Last month, I spent a Saturday volunteering a shift at my church’s thrift shop located in the basement of our church building. While I primary work with volunteers as a district executive with the Boy Scouts of America, spending time just being a volunteer for my church or other local non-profit organizations has been rewarding for me. For any church or non-profit organization, it’s…

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